Jiangsu Danhua Group Co.,Ltd.  

History:The company was set up in 1958.And in 1966,the company created new technology process for the first time in the chemical fertilizer production.The company was chosen as the first group of "Enterprise in Daqing Style".In 1993,it was graded as one of the large state enterprise. In 1995,it was determined as one of the 1000 important state enterprise by the State Council.

Location:The company is located in the north surburb of Danyang city in Jiangsu province in China.HuNing railway,express road,313 state highway and the JingHang Grand Canal all cross the company. And Hongqiao airport of Shanghai,Lukou airport of Nanjing,Changzhou airport and many excellent ports of ChangJiang River all are within 150km.

Scale:There are six branch factories,eight branch companies and one motorcade in the group company.The main leading role is the chemical products, building material.And water, electricity and steam for the production are self-sufficient.There are two special railways,1.5 kilometres long. The company has the capacity of railway transport and warehouse keeping for 600,000 tons of industrial products.

Innovation:There are 380 technical staffs and one technology development department.It has developed a group of high technology. Eleven of them are in the lead in the country.A few of them are in the lead in the world.The JiangSu Danyang Fiberboard Factory was chosen as the high-new technology enterprise in the country.HK WAHSHING CO.,LIMITED is specail chemical international trade company.

Administration:In 1980s,the administration on the measuarement and energy saving is up to the first grade of our country. ISO9002 certificaten has been got.


2,6-Diethylaniline(DEA) 2-Methy1-6-Ethylaniline(MEA)
3-Chloro-2,6-Diethylaniline(CDEA) Divinylbenzene(DVB)
Acetic anhydride Para-diethlbenzene(P-DEB)
Dimethyl Oxalate Oxalic acid
Ethylene glycol Ethylbenzene
Co 8205 Plasticizer
O-Ethoxy phenol 8601 Non-poisonous Phosphite Ester
P-methoxy phenylacetone Triphenyl Phosphite
Ba-Cd-Zn Compund Liquid Stabilizer Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phenyl Phosphite
Ba-Zn Compund Liquid Stabilizer K-Zn Compund Liquid Stabilizer
8505-1 Ca-Zn Non-poisonous Compund Liquid Stabilizer 8605 Epoxydized Soybean Oil
8505-2 Ca-Zn Non-poisonous Compund Liquid Stabilizer 8505-3 Ca-Zn Non-poisonous Compund Liquid Stabilizer

The scene of the factory

Address:No.12 north-round road.Danyang city
 Jiangsu Province P.R.China

E-mail: zjdyh@public.zj.js.cn